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ULIV Staff P-R - Archive of the University of Liverpool: Staff papers, surnames P-R

Reports for UNESCO (1956-60)

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Scope and Content

Confidential Reports of Professor Rosenhead on mission as expert in aeronautical engineering under UNESCO's technical assistance programme for Israel. See access restrictions.

[1st] Mission (Oct.-Nov. 1956; 14 Dec. 1956)

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2nd Mission (March-April 1957; 30 April 1957)

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3rd Mission (Oct.-Dec. 1960; 21 Dec. 1960)

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Matters concerned with the University of Liverpool (1950-1976)

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Photocopy of Press cutting reporting on Professor Rosenhead's address to members of Liverpool Rotary Club on the need to expand University staff and numbers of graduates, Liverpool Echo (16 March 1950)

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A Computer for Merseyside : Electronic challenge to industry and commerce, Liverpool Daily Post, p.6. (9th June 1959)

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A brief history of the Departments of Pure and Applied Mathematics and related correspondence and notes (n.d., 1960)

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The New Mathematics and Oceanography Building of the University of Liverpool, Nature, Vol. 192, No. 4808, pp. 1133-1134. (1961)

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The University of Liverpool Building for Mathematics and Oceanography Friday and Saturday (open day brochure) (27 and 28 October 1961)

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The University of Liverpool : The Five - Panel Mural in the Building for Mathematics and Oceanography (Oct 1961)

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Addresses (2) upon the Admission of new students (given by Professor Rosenhead, deputising for the Vice-Chancellor) (9 & 11 Oct. 1961, 5 & 7 Oct. 1964)

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Addresses at Degree Congregations, University of Liverpool:- (1961, 1963-4)

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15 Dec. [1961]

22 Mar. 1963

13 Dec. 1963

30 Sept. 1964

11 Dec. 1964

Honorary Degree Orations delivered by Professor Rosenhead as Public Orator, University of Liverpool in respect of following graduands:- (1969-1972)

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Alan Rawsthorne

Robert Eric Mortimer Wheeler

Alan Howard Cottrell

Frederick Gibberd

Isaac Jackson Lipkin

Charles Barnard Groves

Baron Devlin of West Wick

Robert Fraser Gordon

George Douglas Hutton Bell

Isabella Forshall

William Mansfield Cooper

Thomas Holmes Sellors

Frank Greaves Smith

Herman Liebaers

Ludwig Guttmann

William Wentworth Kenyon

Alastair Pilkington

Thomas Hugh Scrutton

Har Gobind Khorana

Daniel James Brabin

Robert Ferguson Legget

Lee Kuan Yew

Gordon Green

Thomas Williams

Samuel John Kenneth Baker

Donald Coggan

William Robinson Colbeck

Arthur Humphreys

Max Leonard Rosenheim

Noel Thomas

Confidential Notes on the future of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in the University of Liverpool (4 Jan. 1972)

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When I Look Back (1973-1933, Oct. 1974)

Reference D208/11/16
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The University of Liverpool Recorder No. 70, Jan. 1976 : pp.15-18 - Postscript : When Others Look Back (1976)

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Biographical papers (1953-?1965)

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Henry Cabourn Pocklington 1870-1952. Obituary Notices of Fellows of the Royal Society, Vol.8, pp.555-565. (1953)

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Professor Rosenhead's Appreciation of Brodetsky. The Greatness of his Spirit. Liverpool Jewish Gazette, p.13 (1 June 1954)

Reference D208/12/2
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J. Proudman. The University of Liverpool Recorder, No. 6, pp.4-6 (1954)

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Photocopy of Press cutting reproducing the text of Professor Rosenhead's oration on the late Professor Selig Brodetsky at the Zionist Central Council's memorial meeting on 27 May, Liverpool Jewish Gazette, 18 June 1954. (1954)

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Professor Selig Brodetsky : Scholar, Dreamer, Man of Action. The Fifth Selig Brodetsky Memorial Lecture, Published by Leeds University Press, pp.1-21. (1963)

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Dr. Chaim Weizmann. A Memorial Address, Shalom. (1963)

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The life and times of Professor Selig Brodetsky (typescript of lecture to University of Liverpool Jewish Students' Society, together with photocopy of pp.2-21 of Professor Rosenhead's Memorial lecture on Professor Brodetsky). (16 Nov. n.d.[?1965], [1963] respectively)

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Publications on Zionism and Israel (1928-1966)

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Jewish Mathematicians of the Middle Ages in The Jewish Chronicle Supplement, pp.iv-v. (31 Aug. 1928)

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Moses Leib Lilienblum (n.d. [?1935])

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Will it be true? The Liverpool Jewish Gazette (October) (1947)

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Scope and Content

Copy not available in archive?

In my View, The Jewish Chronicle (19 May 1950)

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Photocopy of Press cutting reporting upon the address of Professor Rosenhead on Israel and her Neighbours at the opening meeting of the session of the Liverpool Zionist Society, Jewish Chronicle, 22 Oct. 1954. (1954)

Reference D208/13/5
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Photocopy of Press cutting reporting upon Professor Rosenhead's address to the Liverpool Zionist Society on Israel and her Neighbours, Liverpool Jewish Gazette (see too D208/15/7) (29 Oct. 1954)

Reference D208/13/6
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Science and Technology in Israel, Liverpool Jewish Gazette, 12th year, No. 4, pp.4-5. (1958)

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Focus on Technion 1: pp. 7-9 as Technion Objectives by Professor L. Rosenhead. (n.d. 1960 (?))

Reference D208/13/8
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"18th Anniversary of Yom Ha-Atzmaut", Shalom, No. 34, 1966/7 Copy of book pages 53-61. (1966)

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Reviews of books on Zionism and Israel (1948-1960)

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Typescript copy of review of Philipp Frank, Einstein : His life and Times published in The Jewish Chronicle (1948)

Reference D208/14/1
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Out of my Later Years by Albert Einstein; Albert Einstein : His work and its Influence on our World by Leopold Infeld. Jewish Chronicle, 23rd June (1950)

Reference D208/14/2
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Rescue of Refugee Scholars by Norman Bentwich, Martinus Nijhoff. Liverpool Jewish Gazette, 12 February. (1954)

Reference D208/14/3
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New Einstein Biography by Intimate Family Friend by Antonina Vallentin. Liverpool Jewish Gazette (9 April 1954)

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Selig Brodetsky. Extract from Jewish Gazette (June 1954)

Reference D208/14/5
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Magnes : A Great but disappointed man Judah L. Magnes A Biography of the First Chancellor and First President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Norman Bentwich. Liverpool Jewish Gazette (21 October 1955)

Reference D208/14/6
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Albert Einstein, by Carl Seelig (translated by Mervyn Savill). Liverpool Jewish Gazette (8 June 1956)

Reference D208/14/7
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The Life of Ludwig Mond by J.M. Cohen. Jewish Chronicle, p.17 (29 June 1956)

Reference D208/14/8
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Voice of Israel by Abba Eban. Liverpool Jewish Gazette (21 March 1958)

Reference D208/14/9
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The First Ten Years by Walter Eytan. Liverpool Jewish Gazette (18 April 1958)

Reference D208/14/10
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Memoirs : From Ghetto to Israel, by Professor Selig Brodetsky. Liverpool Jewish Gazette (26 February 1960)

Reference D208/14/11
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The Memoirs of Selig Brodetsky by Professor Selig Brodetsky. Mathematical Gazette (October 1960)

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Miscellaneous Matters (containing some unpublished lectures) ([c.1925]-[?1967])

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Astronomy in the Babylonian Talmud (ms. of lecture) with page from The Jewish Chronicle, attached (lecture notes n.d. [c.1925]; press cutting 13 March 1925)

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Note on the Expansion of the Jacobian Ellipitic Functions in Powers of k2 and 1 - k2, Journal of the London Math. Soc., Vol. 15, pp. 7-10. (1940)

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Photocopy of Press cutting on the lecture on Three Generations of Leeds Jewry given by Professor Rosenhead in the Sheepscar Library, Leeds, for the Leeds Talmud Torah Central Educatio Authority, Jewish Chronicle (26 April 1946)

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A survey of the facilities for Jewish education in Liverpool in..1946 (Feb. 1947)

Reference D208/15/4
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Analysis of 1947 Weights and Heights of Children in the City of Liverpool : Report on the work of the School Health Service for the Year 1947 (with R. L. Plackett). pp.69-73. (1948)

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Webb's Approximation for Sec 0 (with T. A. S. Jackson and T. Murphy), Engineering, Vol. 176, p.298. (1953)

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Israel and her Neighbours (typescript of address at the Inaugrural Meeting of the Liverpool Zionist Society) (Oct. 1954)

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The Theory and Applications of the Gyroscope by L. Rosenhead : typescript of lecture (18 Oct. 1955)

Reference D208/15/8
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As a man thinks... by Morrison and Robbins, W. J. Gage Ltd., Toronto. p.199 [A book of essays, lectures and radio talks, collected as examples of good powerful English for the edification of students in Canadian Universities] (1957)

Reference D208/15/9
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An English Schoolboy at the end of the 19th century (1957)

Reference D208/15/10
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Scope and Content

(typescript of lecture [to the Sixth form Science Society, Liverpool Institute High School for Boys] n.d. [17 Oct. 1957] on Henry C. Pocklington, 1870-1952, together with typescript copies of Yorkshire College Scholarship Examination Paper in Mathematics 1884 and Yorkshire College Entrance Scholarship Paper in Physics 1884, and duplicated typescript copy of list of publications of H. C. Pocklington up to 1940.

The Autobiography of a President ([?1957])

Reference D208/15/11
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Scope and Content

(typescript of address given as President [of the Liverpool University Jewish Students' Society] 18 Oct. n.d. [?1957] and copy of Society's Programme for the Autumn Term.).(on the typescript is a note To M/C Students March 1954)

Mathematics for pleasure & mathematics for use (typescript of lecture to The Archimedeans, University of Cambridge, Jan. 1959) and related papers. (1959)

Reference D208/15/12
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Management & the Electronic Computer. (typescript of lecture to Birkenhead Rotary Club) (Nov. 1959)

Reference D208/15/13
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The Sciences and the Humanities typescript of Monday Lecture, University of Liverpool) (Jan. 1960)

Reference D208/15/14
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Address on the occasion of the inauguration of Mr. W. A. Bonney, Headmaster of Wade Deacon Grammar School, Widnes as President of the Lancashire and Cheshire Federation of the National Association of Head Teachers (24 March 1962)

Reference D208/15/15
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Scope and Content

(duplicated typescript, together with copy of programme for the meeting)

The Chartered Municipal Engineer, Vol. 89 No.9, (1962)

Reference D208/15/16
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Scope and Content

Sept. 1962 containing (pp339-340) text of speech of welcome by Professor Rosenhead at the Northern Districts Summer School.

Notes on The Talmud (n.d. [?1965])

Reference D208/15/17
Physical Description 1 item, typescript

The History of Israel (n.d. [?1965])

Reference D208/15/18
Physical Description 1 item, typescript of paper or lecture

Expanding Horizons (beginning of Session Lecture to Liverpool Jewish Student Society (n.d. [?1967])

Reference D208/15/19
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Biographical memoirs of Professor Louis Rosenhead, Applied Maths (n.d. c1984)

Reference D355
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Scope and Content

Copy typescript biographical memoirs of Prof Louis Rosenhead, Applied Maths written by Prof T Stuart for the Royal Society

Acquisition Information

Prof T Stuart FRS, Department of Maths, Imperial College, London; 29 Apr 1986

Rotblat, Professor Sir Joseph (1987-1999)

Reference D625, D972, D973
Physical Description 1 transcript, 4 cassettes , 4 CD's and 1 DVD

Scope and Content

Collections relating to Professor Joseph Rotblat including; a transcript of an interview with Professor Joseph Rotblat and sound recordings and DVD of interviews and lectures given by him.

Administrative / Biographical History

Joseph Rotblat, born in Warsaw in 1908, obtained his M.A. from the Free University of Poland in 1932 and a doctorate in Physics from the University of Warsaw where in 1937 he became assistant director of the Atom Physics Institute. In 1939 he started working at the University of Liverpool (where he was Oliver Lodge Fellow 1939-1940, lecturer, later Senior Lecturer in Physics 1940-1949) on the feasibility of the atom bomb with James Chadwick, whom he followed to Los Alamos to take part in the Manhattan Project. In November 1944, when it was confirmed that Nazi Germany would never manage to build the bomb, Rotblat immediately returned to England, the only scientist to quit the Manhattan Project before its devastating conclusion.

In 1946 he co-founded the Atomic Scientists Association and in 1947 he organized "Atom Train," the first big exhibition on peaceful uses and against military applications of nuclear energy.

Rotblat obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Liverpool in 1950 and his D.Sc. from the University of London in 1953; from 1945 to 1949 he was Director of Research in Nuclear Physics at the University of Liverpool. During those years, his work on photosensitive emulsions contributed to the discovery of the pi meson. He then turned increasingly towards the biological and medical applications of nuclear physics and from 1950 to 1976 he was Professor of Physics - now Emeritus - at the University of London, at St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, and the hospital's Chief Physicist.

In 1955 Rotblat was one of the eleven signatories of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto launched by Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein, asking scientists of every country to meet to devise ways of avoiding nuclear war. The manifesto invited scientists around the world to ward off the danger of nuclear weapons ever being used again. The signatories also made an urgent appeal to all governments to understand that humanity had entered a new era in which conflicts would have to be settled by peaceful means. "For there can be no winners in a nuclear war," Russel and Einstein warned.

In 1957 Rotblat founded the Pugwash Conference, taking the name of the Canadian village where the first meeting was held. The conference serves as a forum for researchers devoted to abolishing nuclear weapons and finding peaceful solutions to international conflicts. Joseph Rotblat became the first Secretary General of the organization. Under his indefatigable leadership over 40 years, Pugwash has led the fight against nuclear weapons and been one of the foremost advocates of detente and disarmament.

Rotblat's activities extend far beyond Pugwash. He has dedicated his seemingly limitless energies to rouse the scientific community as well as the public to the perils of nuclear war.

In 1958 he co-founded the U.K. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. He was the initiator and member of the preparatory committee and governing board of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. He was a member of the Initiative Group that organized the Moscow Forum of Scientists. He was expert adviser for the 1986 Year of Peace for the United Nations. He helped establish a chair of peace studies at Bradford University. He was a participant in the U.K. and U.S.S.R. Medical Exchange Program. He was co-founder and executive vice president of the Atomic Scientists Association of Great Britain. He is largely responsible for the comprehensive reports of 1984 and 1987 of the World Health Organization on the effects of nuclear war on health and health services.

Rotblat has steadfastly challenged the various doctrines of nuclear deterrence. For all in earshot he has articulated his conviction that lasting world security can be achieved only by the elimination of nuclear weapons and eventually by general and complete disarmament.

He is the author of over 300 publications - including 20 books - on nuclear and medical physics, radiation biology, control of nuclear weapons, disarmament, the Pugwash movement and the social responsibility of scientists. In 1995, fifty years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Joseph Rotblat and the Pugwash Conferences were awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace "for their efforts to diminish the part played by nuclear arms in international politics and in the longer run to eliminate such arms".

Information taken from, a project of the nuclear age peace foundation.

Related Material

Also held in Archive of the University of Liverpool:

D682 Reprint of 'Radioactive Iodine as a Diagnostic aid for intrathoracic goitre' by G Ansell and J Rotblat.

Staff papers, surnames A and B, Miss Joyce Bazire reference number: D950

Transcript of an interview with Professor Joseph Rotblat (1992-1993)

Reference D625
Physical Description 2 items

Scope and Content

Typescript transcript of a tape-recorded interview with Professor Joseph Rotblat about his career in nuclear physics research, especially at the University of Liverpool and in the USA with Professor Sir James Chadwick; photocopied letter from Professor K J Le Couteur, Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University re construction of the Liverpool Synchrocylotron, c. 1951-1955

Acquisition Information

Mr C D King, Department of Physics, University of Liverpool; 9 Mar 1994

Sound recordings of Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat (1987-1999)

Reference D972
Physical Description 4 cassettes and 4 CD's

Technical Requirments

We do not have the technical requirements to provide access to cd's.

Location of Originals

Copies of cassette recordings of Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat are held in the custody of Dr. Peter Rowlands, Department of Physics.


Cassette and CD copies of these copies were made by the North West Sound Archive, October 2006, for Special Collections and Archives (and to permit the playing of one of the recordings at the conference on the life and work of Sir Joseph Rotblat held at Liverpool Medical Institution on 20 October 2006).

Radio broadcast ((5 July 1987))

Reference D972/1/1,2
Physical Description 1 cassette and 1 CD

Scope and Content

  • D972/1/1 Cassette copy
  • D972/1/2 CD copy

'Eureka' ((22 Jan 1997))

Reference D972/2/1,2
Physical Description 1 cassette and 1 CD

Scope and Content

Radio interview on BBC Radio 4's 'Eureka' programme, concerning the award of the Nobel Peace Prize and the establishment of the Pugwash Conferences.

  • D972/2/1 Cassette copy
  • D972/2/2 CD copy

Lecture ((1 April 1997))

Reference D972/3/1,2
Physical Description 1 cassette and 1 CD

Scope and Content

  • D972/3/1 Cassette copy
  • D972/3/2 CD copy

Lecture given to the History of Physics Group of the Institute of Physics ((8 March 1999))

Reference D972/4/1,2
Physical Description

Scope and Content

[The text of this lecture, 'My early years as a physicist in Poland', is published in Peter Rowlands and Vincent Attwood, editors, War and Peace, The Life and Work of Sir Joseph Rotblat, University of Liverpool, 2006, pp.39-55.]

  • D972/4/1 Cassette copy
  • D972/4/2 CD copy

Video Recordings of Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat (1989, 1997)

Reference D973
Physical Description 1 DVD

Custodial History

These DVD copies of video recordings of Sir Joseph Rotblat in the custody of Dr. Peter Rowlands, Department of Physics, were made for Special Collections and Archives by the North West Film Archive, October 2006.

Alternative Form Available

(NW Film Archive reference RR 1186/1&2)

'Science and Humanity in the Nuclear Age' & Degree ceremony (1989, 1997)

Reference D973/1
Physical Description 1 DVD containing two films

Scope and Content

Copy of (a) University of Liverpool Television Service video of Sir Joseph Rotblat delivering a public lecture, 'Science and Humanity in the Nuclear Age', in the Department of Physics, University of Liverpool, on 17 April 1997, (45 mins.) followed by (b) the part of the degree ceremony in the Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, on 5 July 1989, at which Sir Joseph received the honorary degree of Doctor of Science (the Public Orator being Emeritus Professor J.F. Norbury, and the Chancellor, Viscount Leverhulme) (6 minutes).

Technical Requirements

We do not the have the technical requirements to provide access to this DVD in the Special Collections and Archives reading room.


The dates provided are for the date of the original recordings not the date of creation of the DVD.

Roxby, Professor Percy: Collections of (1898-1947)

Reference D8, D571 & D501
Physical Description c. 4 boxes

Scope and Content

Personal papers, papers relating to student's work and the Department of Geography, teaching notes and a portrait photograph of Roxby.

Administrative / Biographical History

Professor Percy M Roxby, d 1947, Lecturer in Geography, 1905-1917; John Rankin Professor of Geography 1917-1944, Chief Representative of the British Council in China 1944-1947

Related Material

Held at the University of Liverpool:

Further papers of Professor Roxby can be found in the Manuscript sequence of Special Collections and Archives, University of Liverpool at MS.10.6-41

Held elsewhere:

The Bodleian Library holds a copy of Mr Roxby's prize winning essay on Henry Grattan

The University of London Archives holds the report which Mr Roxby submitted to the trustees following his tenure of the Albert Kahn Travelling Fellowship in 1912-1913


For accounts of Professor Roxby's life and work see in particular:

H.J. Fleure, Professor P.M. Roxby (obituary)Nature, Vol.159, No. 4040, April 1947, pp. 462-3

T.W. Freeman, The Geographer's Craft,1967, pp. 156-168

E.W. Gilbert, British Pioneers in Geography,1972, pp. 211-226

Access Points

Liverpool University Faculty of SES Geography
Liverpool University Staff
Personal Names
Roxby, Percy Maude (1880-1947) Geographer
Corporate Names
Regional Survey Association